A Mass Communication Platform To Help You Stay Ahead Of The Risk

Use AlertGPS’s Mass Notification Platform To Communicate With Your Team During Emergencies

When minutes matter, your immediate ability to communicate clear instructions to your workforce can make all the difference.

AlertGPS’ Mass Notification Platform is the fastest and most effective means to notify your workforce of an emergency.

How Mass Notifications Work

It’s easy! In under a minute from start to finish, an emergency message is simultaneously delivered to each designated recipient.

Step 1

Type your message

Step 2

Select the individual(s) or group(s) to receive the message

Step 3

Click on preferred delivery method (email, text, or both)

Step 4

Click the Send Now button or schedule it for a later time

Did You Know…

U.S. State Law Enforcement Agencies Trust AlertGPS’ Mass Notification Technology for Issuing AMBER Alerts.

AlertGPS provides state law enforcement with the mass alerting technology to issue AMBER Alerts. Our LEAP platform enables state law enforcement agencies across the country to notify tens of thousands of people simultaneously in the event of an AMBER Alert.

We provide our technology to state law enforcement free of charge, as our way of giving back.

We’ve built this same mass notification capability and ease-of-use into the AlertGPS enterprise dashboard. In a few easy steps, your entire company, or any subgroup, can rapidly be notified via text and email with vital information.

When Is The Right Time To Use Mass Notifications?

Critical Event

When a crisis is unfolding, you need to alert your team in real-time, and provide updates to keep them informed and out of harm’s way. AlertGPS’ mass notification platform enables rapid delivery of mass notifications via email and/or text to all or any subset of your workforce over any device – cell phone, computer or tablet.


  • Extreme Weather Events
  • Community COVID Outbreak
  • Active Shooter
  • Transportation Outages
  • Natural Disaster

Scheduled Communications

Not an emergency? Not a problem. Streamline company communications by sending your team scheduled updates or other helpful information that enhances operational efficiency. It’s easy to create templates for specific events or reminders, and pre-schedule the time for transmission of notifications to your team.


  • Staff Meeting Reminders
  • Scheduled Company Events
  • Reminders to Wear PPE
  • Weekly Timesheet Requests
  • Scheduled Maintenance Windows

The AlertGPS Difference

Easy To Use Platform

AlertGPS offers a simple, intuitive platform that requires no training to use. Create your message in seconds or use pre-saved templates.

Unlimited Email And Text Alerts

Broadcast your message via email, text/SMS to your whole workforce or any subgroup.

Rapid Delivery

With the AlertGPS Mass Notification Platform, you can send your message immediately or schedule a series of messages for a later delivery date.

Are You Prepared To Handle Mass Notifications?

Stay ahead of the risk with AlertGPS’s workforce safety solution and 24/7 Safety Monitoring Center.