Land navigation training requires that Soldiers learn to perform alone while minimizing the very real risks of isolation in austere environments. Over the past 15 years, the number of service member deaths in training accidents was 2 times higher than the number of deaths in action.

AlertGPS provides the most complete safety solution on the market, tailored to address the unique risks faced by Soldiers in land navigation training exercises and to support real-time situational awareness during training exercises.

AlertGPS is currently supporting dismounted land navigation training on two US military bases.

Risks and Hazards for Land Nav Training


From 2006 to 2020, approximately 32% of deaths of active military personnel were caused by accident.

In the first half of 2019, 4 million service days were lost to training injuries.


In 2017, the number of service member training-related deaths was 4 times the number of deaths in action.


Easy to Use, Purpose-Built
Safety Wearable Device

Cloud-Based Alerting and
Mass Notification Platform

Active Halo 4G LTE

AlertGPS Active Halo® 4G LTE Capabilities

Our safety wearable is easy to use and has only one button on its face to press to initiate a two-way SOS voice call to Field Command or the team monitoring the training exercise. The hands-free speakerphone requires no action on the part of the Soldier to answer. The Soldier’s location information is instantly available to Field Command, and always visible on a secure dashboard designed specifically for monitoring and responding to real-time Soldier training activities.

The simplicity of the device design recognizes that in stress situations, fine and complex motor skills are diminished, along with the ability to multi-task.

Size: slightly larger than a key fob
Attachment options: lanyard and belt clip, or placed inside a shirt pocket

Active Halo Device Features

imageSOS W/ 2-WAY VOICE: Soldier presses the SOS button to initiate a 2-way voice call to Field Command or the team monitoring Soldier safety during the training exercise. The hands-free speakerphone requires no action by the Soldier to answer or disconnect the call.

WHITELISTED VOICE CALL-IN: The team monitoring Soldier safety can call into a device during an exercise to initiate a 2-way voice conversation with the Soldier. The call is automatically connected, and the hands-free speaker is engaged, allowing the team to redirect a Soldier that is veering off the training course, or check on a Soldier that remains stationary for too long.

PROFESSIONAL MONITORING SUPPORT: AlertGPS partners are available to provide logistics support during training exercises, including portable cell towers to support communication in remote locations and on-site system operators to monitor Soldier status during exercises.

SOLDIER DOWN: When a fall is detected and the Soldier does not respond to an audible prompt from the device, a voice call is automatically initiated by the device to the team monitoring the Soldier’s safety, allowing them to evaluate the situation and determine whether to dispatch emergency assistance.

CHECK-IN BUTTON: Press the Check-In button and a notification of the Soldier’s location is sent via email/text to individuals designated to receive the Soldier’s location information. The Soldier’s Check-In is also visible in real-time on the secure dashboard.

EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE: The Active Halo® device has a 1000 MaH Battery with with 72+ hours of battery life on a 5-minute reporting interval. Charging options include both a wall and car charger.

WATERPROOF & DURABLE DESIGN: The Active Halo® device is small (size of a key fob), waterproof (IPX6) and ruggedized. It’s purpose-built to be discreet, screen-free, lightweight and easy to use in emergencies.

AUDIBLE LOCATION ALARM: Press the Personal Alarm button and the device will initiate a loud siren sound (similar to a car alarm) to attract the attention of others nearby. This feature can also be triggered from the dashboard to assist in the location of a Soldier that is unresponsive.

GPS: The Active Halo® device utilizes GPS and Assisted GPS location reporting technologies (38 Channel GPS with GNSS (Glonass) & SBAS), transmitting data via the 4G LTE cellular network. The device supports Wi-Fi and SMS failover for the transmission of data in areas where cellular data signals are insufficient.

Active Halo 4G LTE

The AlertGPS Platform

  • AlertGPS’s Scalable, Redundant Cloud-Based Architecture provides optimum availability while ensuring customer privacy and segregation.
  • Multi-Tenant architecture provides a secure, fully customizable dashboard that’s easy to use and can be accessed via computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Authorized users can actively monitor current & past locations of all Soldiers on the land navigation course, graphically displayed on an interactive map. A log of each location is instantly viewable for each Soldier.
  • Robust role-based permission architecture allows customers to (i) create Soldier groups, (ii) assign specific alerts to Soldiers within each group, and (iii) view-limit field commanders to only those Soldiers for whom they are responsible, facilitating coordination of multiple simultaneous training exercises.
  • Full After Action Reporting & Analytics capabilities (downloadable in PDF, CSV & Excel)
  • The AlertGPS IoT Platform offers customizable Alerting options. Each Alert can be sent in real-time via email/text to an unlimited number of designated recipients (e.g. managers, safety officer, etc.).

AlertGPS Platform Alerting Features

SOS Alerts: Upon SOS button press, the AlertGPS system generates an SOS Alert to all designated Alert recipients (e.g. Field Command).

SMART ZONE ALERTS: Create Smart Zones around specified geographic areas, such as the land navigation course or specific way points, and designated Alert recipients will receive a Zone Alert immediately after a Soldier enters or exits the Smart Zone.

NON-MOTION ALERTS: When a Soldier has not moved for a designated period of time (fully configurable), a Non-Motion Alert with the Soldier’s location is delivered to all designated Alert recipients.

CHECK-IN ALERTS: When a Soldier presses the Check-In button on their device, a Check-In Alert with the Soldier’s location is delivered to designated Alert recipients.

BREADCRUMB ALERTS: Breadcrumb Alerts enable Field Command to be alerted via text or email regarding the Soldier’s location on a pre-determined schedule.

MAN DOWN ALERTS: The AlertGPS system generates a fall related SOS Alert when the device detects a fall.



Oversight During Training Exercises

A Soldier wanders off the course in a land navigation exercise. Field Command can initiate a 2-way voice call into the device, which will connect automatically without action by the Soldier (speakerphone enabled). Field Command can deploy assistance or re-direct the Soldier without compromising the exercise.



If a Soldier is injured in training, they can simply press the SOS button for immediate assistance.  You will be able to communicate via voice, and you will have the Soldier’s location so that you can deploy assistance if needed.



A Soldier succumbs to the elements during training and is not verbally communicative.  You will have the Soldier’s location to deploy assistance, and the Soldier will have the ability to sound an audible alarm with a button push, so that personnel in the area will be alerted to his/her location.


Readiness Enhancement

The discreet, ruggedized device allows for monitoring and communication in austere environments, without a screen or other visual assistance.  It allows Soldiers to be isolated for training purposes, without being alone.


Field Command

Field Command or the team monitoring Soldier safety can see each Soldier’s current location on the AlertGPS dashboard. If they notice a Soldier veering off course, they can call into the device, speak with the Soldier, and redirect them in real time.


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